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Director's message to all the families who have given these testimonials: "We are so overcome to hear all the wonderful things you all have said. While we focus on a multitude of things to constantly assess and raise the bar, it is very gratifying to know that sometimes the smallest of things give comfort and peace of mind to parents - we may think of it as a small step, but it is huge if it makes a difference to even one person! You all make us want to do more and more to keep earning this kind of praise...thank you for sharing your thoughts! " - Roonu Rizavi

My child has been going to Willow Bend since she was six weeks old, and is about to graduate this year. My husband and I have been so happy these last five years. Our daughter looks forward to going to school, and I would too, if I was to have as much fun as she does, learning Yoga and Origami and Gardening and Cooking and Field Trips and all the other fun activities that they plan for the kids.

Pros: Great Curriculum, Wonderful Staff
Cons: Out of our way, but I still make the trip because my daughter enjoys it so much!

Wendy H

I had a horrible experience in my previous center, but Ms. Roonu and her staff have been wonderful in making sure that my daughter had an easy transition at Willow Bend. I am a very picky parent and I looked at 12 centers before I chose this one. The first thing that caught my attention was that they are the only center from all the hundreds I researched that had not one single violation! The other thing that was of interest to me was all the extra curricular activities they had, like Cooking, Yoga and Origami. Also I was very pleasantly surprised that they teach French, Spanish and Sign Language as part of their curriculum, at no extra charge! In fact their tuition is much less than some preschools that do not even offer half the services that Willow Bend offers!

Pros: Great Record, Lots of extra curricular activities
Cons: None so far

Debbie B

My older daughter went here and graduated to Kindergarten. Then I enrolled my new born here. However, we had moved to McKinney, and it was really far out of our way, so I decided to pull him out. When I started looking at other places, I realized what a gold mine I was sitting on. None of the Centers that I toured had the cleanliness, attention to daily sanitization, the friendly and caring teachers that Willow Bend has. It is a brilliant idea to hire nannies for diaper changes, because this way the other teachers can give more individual attention to the infants. Ms. Betty and her team of infant teachers, who have been there for ever, are the best!

I finally decided to drop my idea of moving when I went to the State website, and saw the record of Willow Bend, (they have zero violations!) and some other top notch facilities with 22-25 plus violations just in the last 2 years!

Pros: Everything
Con: Distance, but I don�t care!

Melissa S

My son was moved to Willow Bend Learning Center at 9 months. When I first toured the school I was overwhelmed by all the opportunities for my child as he grew. What parent wouldn’t want their child to have all the things WBLC can provide? I love knowing that my child is going to learn hygiene, social skills, language arts, arts and crafts, even gardening and yoga. Everyone in the center has helped us settle in and learn the routine. My son loves going to school now and get excited in the mornings, and I know as soon as he can walk he will be eagerly running to his classroom just like the other children I see every morning. My whole family notices how attentive, caring, and polite the staff is and how happily he is greeted each morning. The teachers are patient with his reluctance to use a sippy cup and work with him tirelessly every day to help him transition off bottles. They soothe him when he falls and provide detailed “Boo Boo Reports”. bsp; His happiness at WBLC is evident in how he’s flourished since he’s been there. I know every morning that my son is happy and in good hands, and you can’t put a price on that. We are so grateful for all that WBLC has done for our H*****!

I actually get emotional when I think about everything that you all have done for my son, and how lucky he is to have such a great environment to grow up in. We just couldn’t be more pleased with how our munchkin has progressed with your help. Thank you for helping us get our happy and well adjusted little man back.

Elizabeth W

Overall we have had a very positive experience at Willow Bend. Their 'zero violation' State Record is one of the top reasons we have enrolled our children in the school. This is extremely important to us.

The curriculum is top notch. My older son has learned his letters, alphabet and numbers faster than I think he could at home. My son loves the painting and splash days during the summer.

The staff absolutely gives personalized attention to our child. They are always willing to discuss my child's day - what when on, his personality, etc. The teachers are very caring and nurturing to both my children and seem to genuinely care about them and enjoy working with them.

Jessica and Priscilla are AWESOME. They are extremely friendly and always willing to help out with any concerns or questions I might have.

The facility is always clean and cheerful. The outside is always kept nice with landscaping and seasonal flowers. I am always pleased to see the children's artwork displayed on the walls outside of the classrooms. The classrooms are very cheerful, fun and safe for the kids.

Katie E

I wanted to express my happiness with the type of care we have received through Willow Bend Learning Center.

When we moved back to the DFW area in 2005 we were in need of a child care facility to watch her. We tried a few different centers and were not pleased with any of them. I received a flyer in the mail about Willow Bend so I decided to go and see them. Immediately upon entering the building I could feel the wonderful atmosphere that had been created, all of the children I saw had smiles and none of the babies in the baby rooms were crying. After my brief tour and seeing some of the wonderful amenities (the indoor village, the great playgrounds, the computer rooms and all of the wonderful teachers), I knew I wanted my child to attend Willow Bend Learning Center.

Well, that child has since moved on to Kindergarten but when my new daughter was born in February of 2008, there was no question in my mind on where she would be attending day care, the short list had only one facility listed………Willow Bend Learning Center.

Scott M

We have been very happy with the care our children have received at Willow Bend Learning Center. The teachers are very loving and nurturing. My son is always happy and excited to go to his preschool program, which is very comforting to me because my husband and I have no choice but to work full-time. We also think it is unique that he is learning both French and Spanish words. The blended curriculum was very nice to see. This program has a very competitive tuition. When comparing the cost of tuition around the Dallas-metro area, Willow Bend offers a very competitive tuition. We like the notes posted on the bulletin board whenever there is an illness and also the daily communication notes from the infant and toddler rooms. Show-and-Tell is nice to see. I have always liked this being a part of the curriculum. It is good because my son is shy and it forces him to be a little more social, which is great. The picnic, movie, and cooking days are wonderful aspects of the curriculum. My son is always excited about these days. I think it's great. It gives the kids something to really look forward to.

We were also pleased with all of the activities the summer camp offered. Our daughter had a wonderful summer. She was never bored during the day. All of the field trips were great. My daughter is still talking about summer camp a year later. We moved here from out of state and were new to the Dallas-metro area. This summer camp made an impression on her. Thank you for making her feel like part of a family. We would definitely recommend the summer camp to other families looking for summer care for their school age children. We liked the ideas of themed activities. My daughter made lots of good friends, which really helped her self-esteem. The teachers are all open and friendly. The programs the school puts on are so much fun to see. It is amazing to see everything Willow Bend has to offer.

Thanks for caring for our children,

Stephanie and Eric W

My son has been attending WBLC for more than 2 years now. He is very happy here and loves all the different things he is learning each and every day. It amazes me that he is learning Spanish, French, Sign Language, and Computers on top of his normal learning. In addition, he loves taking TotYoga and TotOrigami. This school offers so many different opportunities for their student to learn it is wonderful. It is clear that if I were able to be a stay-at-home Mom, I would never be able to offer him these opportunities. Also, for the last two years he has had wonderful, steady, and consistent teachers who are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring. We are very grateful to have found WBLC and appreciate them be so close to my work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shanna W

Our son J has been at the center for almost 3 years now. We have been satisfied since day one. We are happy with all of the activities planned for our son. He looks forward to going to school every day and always comes home with creative projects and wonderful artwork. I love the curriculum used and the way that they teach the kids on a daily basis. J*** learns so much from his teachers and always receives wonderful praise!

We are happy to have a place like Willow Bend that gives us peace of mind while we are at work.

Rich and Jessica V

As a parent, knowing that my daughters can truly soar to greater heights is assurance to me that they are in an environment at Willow Bend that cares and nurtures them each day. Both of my girls are welcomed with a smile each day and are tenderly cared for as they are challenged to expand their minds. Just today my 4 ½ yr old asked me, as a movie ended that we were watching, “How do you say ‘the end’ in French?” We then researched the Internet together and found out the answer. She was so proud and wanted to tell Ms. Dawn. Her interest in foreign languages and sign language is awesome. She’ll even sign the alphabet at dinner! My 2 yr old, L****, knows her colors and has built her vocabulary too. Willow Bend has a strong curriculum that builds on itself as they move-up to each class and encourages them to reach their potential and it is evident every day. Attention to every detail is apparent to ensure that the children are first and I can’t imagine them being anywhere else.

Sherrie H

Out of the three years C**** has been attending WBLC, we have had a great experience with your team. Everyone from the teachers to the front office staff has been so nice to us and accommodating.

I am thrilled that WBLC has a zero violation with the state. This lets me know that the WBLC team is on top of their game and that my child is in the best care possible.

I love that C**** is learning so much at Willow Bend with their blended curriculum. Everything from cooking, learning French to origami and gardening and so much more. He is so far ahead of other kids his age that are not attending WBLC.

The staff at WBLC stays on top of things when there are special request that I may have for C****

C**** really enjoys all the activities that are planned through out the day especially show and tell.

Before C**** started attending WBLC, I visited other facilities and never came across one that was as clean, organized and cheerful as WBLC. The whole staff has been very friendly and caring.

Thank You!

Donna O

I love Willow Bend Learning Center. The teachers in the infant rooms treat my baby like one of their own children, and he loves going to school, which made it much easier on me to return to work. As well, my older child has been through many classroom stages, from infant to now pre-K, and he has enjoyed each and every class, thanks to the teachers in each one. You really cannot ask for a better staff than those that create the WBLC family. I could not imagine my children anywhere else because I know when I take them to school each day they are being cared for by great people who truly care about my children. Thank you to everyone at WBLC, you really are an amazing group of people whom I feel lucky to have in my in mine and my children’s lives!

Charlotte H

Each day I am amazed at the new things M**** has learned... a 5-year old knows the continents, planets (and their order), some French, Spanish, sign language, and she even teaches me yoga!

The teachers are wonderful. The curriculum is very well-rounded and I truly believe that it is the reason I have such a smart 5-year old.

My one complaint would be that the kids are not required to eat all of their vegetables but, on the other hand, I am relieved that veggies are served with lunch and that breakfast is also provided. Not many schools offer that.

Overall, I have no doubt whatsoever that my daughter is so much better prepared for kindergarten and life in general than she would be if she hadn't attended WBLC for the last 4 years. She enjoys going there, and I have peace of mind while at work. There might be a better school somewhere out there, but I can't imagine one. WBLC has surpassed my expectations!

Beata M

Our son S**** had “Pyloric Stenosis” & double hernia’s when he was 3 weeks old & had to have a couple of surgeries down the road to correct it. Being very protective of our son became the norm and S**** was home schooled for the first year.

My husband and I had wanted a daycare that was more than just the normal run-of-the-mill daycare. A friend referred us, and we enrolled S**** in WBLC when he turned 1 and is a few months away from turning 2.

I would like to personally thank everyone that has touched S****’s life in such a loving, sincere, helpful way, and for giving him the extra love that he needed to break through his little shell.

S**** is very outgoing now and waves to everyone – even dogs! He is a very happy interactive little boy. From the moment you walk through the doors of WBLC, everyone has a smile and remembers your name and greets you.

Finding WBLC has been a blessing and a wonderful experience from the beginning.
S**** loves coming to school and seeing his friends and teachers every day. The curriculum is wonderful and has helped him learn so much, I cannot wait for potty training!

Whenever I get a chance I brag about everyone at his daycare. Thank you so much WBLC!

Chantel O

WBLC is a great center for kids. The facility is bright and neat, and the staffs are always patience, polite, and sweet. I remembered Priscilla is the first person I met in the center, and her smile makes the center difference. She made a tour for me and explained things clearly. At the beginning, I was concerned about the language issues until I met Ms Robbie the first day. I feel she is willing to give personalized attention to my child. She asked me how to pronounce the words on the language sheet and show care of willing to try to understand my child by learning the words. I also feel warm when they remember and called our names every time we walked in and out. And definitely feel very impressed with the zero violation in the center. I am glad I make the decision by choosing WBLC to grow with my child.

Alice Y

Willow Bend Learning Center has provided my children with love and care. When I drop them off in the morning they have smiles on their faces as they are excited about their day. The most comforting feeling is when I pick them up they have those same smiles. The teachers and staff at Willow Bend truly care about each child that attends. That goes for each parent as well. They will take the time out of their busy day to let you know how your child’s day went. My children have learned to love and respect their teachers as well as their peers. At Willow Bend Learning Center it is all about the child. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for my children.

Nancy G

Willow Bend Learning Center has been a wonderful addition to the development of our two children. They have been at WBLC since they were four months old and have had nothing but the most compassionate and thoughtful care imaginable. Every teacher takes the time to get to know your child and make them feel special; even teachers from other classes greet our kids by name.

Each class day seems organized with well thought out, age-appropriate and interesting activities. My toddlers are always so proud of the ‘schoolwork’ that they bring home each week. The facility is well maintained with up-to-date toys and equipment chosen to keep a child’s interest.

We also like that the students have alternate areas in and around the building, such as the village and covered patio, to compliment their classroom activities.

The best part about Willow Bend is the feeling that you are leaving your children in a secure place with people who truly love and adore them. What more could you want?

Betty N

There are so many things that we love about Willow Bend. These are the things that we enjoy the most. We love the curriculum that is used and how the activities are planned out throughout the day. We also like that fact that our daughter is learning sign language and Spanish. She is learning so much. All of her teachers are really loving and caring. We feel that our daughter is really getting the best care. She loves to come to school everyday so much that when it is time to leave it is always a fight. She never wants to leave!

We are very pleased with WBLC and we are very happy to have our child enrolled here.
Thank you WBLC!

Fred H

My husband and I are so lucky to have found Willow Bend for our 4-year-old son, M****.

A year-and-a-half ago, he’d been out of a formal school environment for twelve months, with his grandmother providing daycare. We wanted to engage him in a more formal learning curriculum and build his social skills by exposing him to more kids his age.

Willow Bend offered an inviting environment from the very first visit. They took time to make him feel comfortable, so much so that we had a hard time getting him to leave on just our initial visit.

They thoughtfully create a hybrid approach to academics that include the best aspects of different systems. We’ve been very please with the mix of academic progress he’s made and the real-life experiences he’s bringing home each week.

Willow Bend does an excellent job of involving parents in what’s happening at the school.  We feel this has really helped us stay connected with M****’s progress.

So the unique real-world learning, coupled with strong academic lessons, we feel is really developing our son into an engaged, curious and maturing young man.

My husband and I have been very pleased with Willow Bend Learning Center. We find it an excellent value and recommend it to anyone in the hunt for quality daycare.

Jane B

We have had our children with Roonu for 10 years. All three of our children have attended her preschool since she started providing services. When we first met her, I felt relieved to have found someone who seemed so genuinely interested in caring for children.

Prior to Willow Bend, our eldest was in a home daycare setting with a provider who would take days off almost every other week and getting reliable care from her was frustrating, worrisome and left me guilt ridden when I had to go to work.

After finding Roonu, all that worry melted away because I knew my child, my children, would be cared for in a loving, safe environment. My oldest son learned to read before he attended pre-K! Roonu has always gone above and beyond for the children ensuring that they are well provided for and that her staff is loving and caring. I have nothing but love for the woman who enabled me to be worry free as I went off to work. My oldest STILL loves to go to Willow Bend for summer camps, and my youngest is always happy when I arrive. To see how her preschool has grown over the years is a blessing to all those parents out there who are looking for a safe haven for their children while they work.

God bless Roonu and her wonderful caring staff! She is more than a preschool provider, I consider her to be family!

Angela and Jason B

When my husband and I first started looking for a school for our daughter we used the state web site and reviewed inspection reports on several schools in our neighborhood. I was shocked to see so many of "prime" schools had horrible violations (from capital punishment to toddlers left in wet clothing all day in cold temperatures). But then I looked at the WBLC reports and you had NO violations, no negative reports and I was impressed.

I also visited your web site and loved the pictures of celebrations and newsletters.
Then I met with Ms. Priscilla, who is a true asset to your school. She was warm, welcoming and very professional.

After meeting with her we made a decision WBLC is the school for our daughter. Surprisingly, we didn't need to see any other schools.

When our daughter started we had a rough time since she was going through the adjustment period but after only a week she loved it with her teachers and new friends. She adores her teachers, and we are happy to see how much attention they give to our daughter.

The curriculum is great and the facility is clean and warm.

Our daughter comes home almost daily singing a new song or showing us new shapes they learned in school.

WBLC staff is friendly and warm, and you have earned our trust since our daughter started attending the school. We have even decided to stay in this area longer so she can stay at WBLC.

Thank you,

Selma and Edin B

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