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Toddlers Preschool Program

The toddlers preschool Program is geared towards your walking toddler from 12 months through 3 years of age, and is developed with the special needs of that age group in mind. Apart from a loving and nurturing program, the Toddler Program provides learning experiences to enhance your child’s social, emotional, academic, cognitive and developmental growth.

Safety and Peace of Mind

The knowledge that your child is in a safe, nurturing and caring environment is crucial to your peace of mind. Our entry way is secured and coded and the classrooms are video monitored.

The Environment

For toddlers, the hardest work they do is play, and all their skills are learnt through toys and games. So in essence, their play is their work, and their toys are their lessons. WBLC believes in a hands-on approach to learning, through experimentation and exploration. The toddler care center environment provides a theme based space, learning centers, and a variety of learning materials. Children are taught to be independent and self reliant. Self help skills are developed, including graduating from a sippy cup to a regular cup, letting go of the pacifier, usage of forks and spoons, table manners, and learning to use the bathroom. Assistance with potty training is provided in partnership with the parents.

The toddler environment is clean and sanitary to prevent spread of infection. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure immediate and constant sanitization of surfaces and disinfection of the environment.

The classrooms are bright and cheerful for visual stimulation. The staff takes pride in decorating the room with children’s creative art work and projects.

A posted daily schedule, daily written reports and samples of your child’s work give you a complete idea of your child’s day. Ability profiles are regularly maintained, and parent-teacher conferences are held periodically to graph your child’s progress and ensure that your expectations are being met and exceeded.

Toddlers Preschool Curriculum

As the toddler’s independence grows, it is accompanied by a strong desire to venture out of the comfort zone and explore the world around him. WBLC creates an environment that encourages curiosity in a safe and learning environment. The Toddler Curriculum is theme based and covers Language Arts, Number Concepts, Arts and Crafts, and Fine and Gross Motor Skills.

Activities like climbing, two-hand throwing, throwing a ball, balancing, walking on a line, sitting down ‘criss-cross applesauce’ develop internal control and Gross Motor Skills.

Fine Motor Activities are encouraged with a variety of games and large manipulatives, like puzzles, table toys, floor puzzles, lacing, nesting blocks, and coloring.

Sensory Skills are built with felt books, textures and other developmental toys, and Cognitive Skills like recognizing and discriminating shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and sounds are also developed.

Language Development starts with reading stories, looking at pictures and objects. Storytelling, puppets, flannel boards and finger play add to the language experience and build on vocal and language skills. Beginning sounds, preliminary sign language, and basic Number Concepts are introduced.

Music plays a big role in encouraging musical movements and rhythm, language development, group plays, singing and dancing. Along with daily music and movement, our music teacher conducts a special music class once a week that incorporates puppet shows, vocal music, instruments, singing, and dancing.

Hands-On Arts and Crafts and Nature Walks are fun to do and develop cognitive skills, and refine eye-hand coordination.

The outdoor playground is equipped with a variety of outdoor gyms, slides, tricycles, and playhouses. Willow Bend Village, our indoor play gym, replicates a village square and is meant for socio dramatic play along with slides and ball pits, and is a wonderful refuge especially on days when the weather does not permit outdoor play.

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