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The Infant day care Program is geared towards your baby from six weeks to 18 months of age in Plano TX, and is developed with the special needs of that age group in mind. Apart from a loving and nurturing staff, our Infant Program provides learning experiences to enhance your child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental growth.

Safety and Peace of Mind

The knowledge that your baby is in a safe, nurturing and caring environment is crucial to your peace of mind. Our entry way is secured and coded and the classrooms are video monitored. At WBLC, we go the extra mile to ensure that parents are involved in their baby’s day, to the maximum extent that is possible for them. We are proud of what we do and love to show it off. We encourage you to drop in unannounced during the day, and observe your baby interacting with their teachers and peers, through the observation window or simply by going in the classroom and spending time in your baby’s environment.

A daily sheet provides you with detailed information about your child’s day, including feeding times, diaper changing information and other interesting tidbits!

The Environment

The infant daycare environment is clean and sanitary to prevent spread of infection. We have strict guidelines to ensure immediate and constant sanitization of surfaces.

The classrooms are bright and cheerful for visual stimulation. The staff takes pride in decorating the rooms with creative art work and children’s projects and family pictures.

The ratios are low to encourage maximum personal interaction with the babies, and our staff is caring and nurturing, and specially trained to respond to infants’ special needs, form emotional bonds through hugging, cuddling, rocking, and soothing the baby, and create positive learning experiences.

A lot of flexibility is built into the feeding schedule to accommodate each baby’s individual needs. Bottles are never propped, and individual care is taken to burp the babies as needed and have a soothing feeding experience. The older infants that are on table foods are taught appropriate table skills.

Nanny Service

The quality of Infant day care center that your baby receives at Willow Bend is extremely important to us, and our Nanny Service is our latest effort to enhance that quality. Our Nanny is responsible for all diaper changes throughout the day, leaving the teachers free to attend to the babies’ other needs.

This is a great way to ensure that your baby’s teachers are able to spend more and more time in exclusively feeding, nurturing and playing with your baby.

Infant Daycare Curriculum

The Infant curriculum is filled with several small group activities:

Daily tummy time encourages Gross Motor Movement and builds skills like reaching, pushing, pulling, crawling, cruising, rolling, climbing, among others.

Fine Motor Skills and Eye-Hand Coordination are encouraged with different types of games and large manipulatives, including target kicking, pounding, throwing, etc.

Sensory Skills are built with felt books, textures and other developmental toys, and Cognitive Skills like recognizing colors, shapes, and sounds and basic number concepts are also introduced. A play area designed to encourage free movement, enables the infants to explore a wide range of materials, textures and objects for Tactile and Visual stimulation.

Language Development starts early, with one on one interaction, talking to the babies, reading stories, looking at pictures and objects. Storytelling, puppets and finger play add a special element of fun to the baby’s day and build on vocal and language skills.

Music plays a big role in encouraging musical movements and rhythm, language development, group plays, singing and dancing.

Hands-On Arts and Crafts involve the babies in experimenting with different textures, and sensations. It’s not important that a 7 month old can not “paint”, but the personal interaction and sensory stimulation that he/she receives when their hand is dipped in “jello” paint to make a handprint bird nest is essential to their growth and development.

Babies enjoy Outside Time on buggy rides, infant swings or playing with push/pull toys or balls.

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